Friday, June 5, 2015

What is Fine Furniture?

What is fine furniture? Why spend the money when cheaper imitations may exist? Because fine furniture is more than something on which to sit, place your dishes or store your clothing.  Something more than a stand for your television.  Fine furniture is an investment into the beauty of your home, a lasting statement that reflects your style and personal taste.

Furniture should not be something we view as a disposable household item, something to be thrown out after it breaks down after a short period of time.  When we invest in fine furniture, we are choosing to commit to quality and craftsmanship as well as durable belongings. Finishes are layered, buffed and polished until wood shines and feels as smooth as glass.

Fine furniture endures.  When joinery techniques are used to build strength, dovetail details hand cut to provide symmetry and proper dimensions, pieces are created that last and stand up to normal wear and tear. Strong, well-built furniture lasts and builds memories that can be passed down to future generations, allowing children and grandchildren to enjoy and cherish something that was part of a home that meant so much to them.  

Fine furniture is about quality.  Craftsmanship.  Attention to detail and the best materials on the market.   Artisan skills are honed over years of training.    These are all ideas that are often overlooked in our ever-changing society.  At Lenoir Empire Furniture, we strive to help you maintain these values and obtain the most beautiful, high-quality furniture at an affordable price.

Fine furniture is a method to portray the vision we have for our homes, where we spend the majority of our time.  Beautiful, hand-crafted pieces can serve as the centerpiece for a room, a conversation piece.  We hope that you will stop by to visit us, whether via a visit to our showroom or our newly updated website  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Website

Lenoir Empire Furniture Launches New Website
Lenoir Empire Furniture (LEF) has launch a revamped and redesigned website devoted to allowing shoppers across the nation to browse home furnishings and purchase at the best prices available on.
The website,, will provide broader access to manufacturer catalogs and customization options previously unavailable online. The website will also offer a room-builder feature which allows shoppers to layout potential room designs and save comparisons for their personal reference.
We look forward to the site and anticipate a high level of customer satisfaction.  Our new website will provide an even better level of access to designer furniture at amazing prices to shoppers across the United States.
The website expansion will now offer additional uploaded product catalogs from a variety of manufacturers, to include Hickory Chair, Hickory White, Sherrill Furniture, Bernhardt Furniture, Hooker Furniture, Lexington Furniture, Drexel Heritage, Henredon Furniture, Hancock and Moore, Century Furniture, Bradington Young, Bassett Furniture and many more brands.
Family-owned and operated from Johnson City, Tennessee, Lenoir Empire Furniture Company has been in the fine furniture and home furnishings business since 1977.  They proudly sell fine furniture at the best prices with nationwide delivery.